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Which Microsoft Learning Method Should I Choose?

Which Microsoft Learning Method Should I Choose?

Microsoft is one of the leading names in technology and works hard to provide products to further businesses and everyday life. New Horizons is a Microsoft Gold Learning Partner, meaning there are many options to get Microsoft training and certifications through various courses. Traditional Instructor Led classes are available, but many additional learning modalities are offered to give a more accommodating way to get the training needed.

Here is a look at four distinct Microsoft learning methods for end users, as well as for IT professionals. We will leave it up to you as to decide which is the best option for you and the needs of your business. 

NHGO NOW - A Deeply Engaging Video Learning Library 

NHGO NOW is a comprehensive library with thousands of video lessons. As an easily downloadable app, you can utilize it on your phone from anywhere. These video courses cover many topics from Microsoft Office and Google Docs to more technical ones like .Net and C#.  The courses are similar but shortened version of the full length training users would receive in a classroom.

NHGO NOW offers 96 courses in Microsoft Office and 12 in Office 365. Videos are updated frequently to help keep users up to speed on the newest improvements to Microsoft products. The courses are taught by the same instructors that teach in-classroom sessions, so training is consistent from classroom to commute to home and anywhere else. Classes last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

There are many benefits to the self-paced learning of NHGO NOW. Flexibility in schedule and the opportunity for mobile learning provide more places and time for courses to be taken.

Concentrated bearded young man using laptop while his friends studying together.jpegMicrosoft On-Demand- High Quality Video Lectures 

Microsoft now offers On-Demand learning for whenever or wherever. In partnership with New Horizons, Microsoft On-Demand (MOD) allows users to utilize a wide range of video learning courses that covers a variety of topics.

What sets MOD apart is the ability for users to choose from more than Microsoft Office. MOD goes more in-depth with Microsoft’s products, focusing on not just end user programs like Office. Courses that are more technical are available, such as Azure, SQL Server, Windows Server and more. Courses can be bought for a standard price, or bundles are available for businesses.

Power Hour - Live Training on Microsoft Office, Office 365 & Windows 10 

Power Hour are hour long, live instructor-led courses that showcase Microsoft Office and SharePoint. They can easily be viewed from a phone, tablet, or any other portable device. Power Hour sessions cover every aspect of Microsoft Office, including Office 365, Yammer, Skype for Business, as well as Windows 10. When users take a Power Hour session, they will also receive a New Horizons Quick Reference Card (QRC). The QRCs help users put the steps of the video into practice. 

Users can choose which program they’d like to learn about and participate in the 60 minute classes. Course outlines are given to help students see what will be covered within the hour. Here’s an example of a course outlines for Excel.

Note: Power Hour session are private session only, with up to 30 people able to attend each session.

Which Microsoft Learning Modality Should I Choose?

Online LIVE (OLL) - Instructor-Led Training Delivered Virtually

Online LIVE (OLL) from New Horizons is another option for at home learning. However, the biggest difference between this modality and the others mentioned is that this is NOT on-demand or video-based training. That means that these are live training classes that have an instructor and designated time that they should be taken.

When a user opts to take an OLL class, they will be given a user ID to log into a virtual classroom. From there, the class will begin with an instructor presenting the materials and students, both in a classroom and a virtual classroom, have ways to respond to the instructor, ask questions, and interact with each other for lab work. OLL can be seen as not being the same as Instructor-Led courses, but they truly are very similar expect in how the student is taking the course: either in the classroom or from a computer at a convenient location. 

Besides the different set up and less on-demand aspects of OLL, it offers many benefits. It has the same amount of Microsoft courses as the modalities listed above, as well as many others not related to Microsoft. 

Private Group Training - Facility Training Made Simple

Getting the training on demand is a benefit when it is for one or two people or the material can be covered over the course of an hour. However, there are many subjects that require more in-depth learning. Perhaps you would like to customize the course more to fit your needs or just want to ensure that everyone learns the same material at the same time. Private Group Training gives you that control.

Private Group Training (PGT) from New Horizons has the class set up for you. Businesses can reserve training at New Horizons facilities to teach large groups in a unified learning experience. These courses cover the same courses offered by Power Hour, NHGO NOW and OLL. There are many courses that focus on Microsoft and Office. PGT also gives customizable options to help the training fit your objectives more precisely, as well as give more flexible scheduling by having rooms available at our many locations. The locations are equipped with the proper course ware needed and site coordinators are nearby to help with any technical issues. If coming to a New Horizons location won't work, our instructors can come to you. On-Site training brings the instructors to your facility. Training can be taught within your own offices. 

Note: Private Group Training and On-site classes are meant for larger groups focused on a single topic. For On-site training, we will work with you to determine course ware needs.

Learn How We Provide a Custom Training Solution

Once you determine that there is a skills gap in one or more of your departments, as you can see, there are many Microsoft learning methods available for you and your team. Of course, if you have any questions for us, we encourage you to leave us a comment below or contact us directly.

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