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Top 20 Technical & Application Courses of 2017

Posted: Jan 23, 2018

Top 20 Technical & Application Courses of 2017

The New Year is often a time when many businesses and their employees begin to think about ways to introduce formal learning solutions into their development plans. New Horizons offers a large selection of courses to help students further their knowledge and proficiency of software and other areas of technology. 

In 2017 we provided almost 14,000 classes to students in all formats, including: Private Group Training, Instructor Led Training (ILT), and Online LIVE classes (OLL).

Listed below are 20 of the most popular courses from 2017, and what each of them cover. This list is merely the top 20, although we offer thousands of courses, and if you can't find a course that best suits your needs, contact us or visit our Find Training page on to view our whole course catalog. Here are the most popular technical and application courses of 2017.

Top 10 Technical Courses

CompTIA Security+ Certification

This course shows students how to implement and monitor security on networks, applications, and operating systems. They will also learn how to respond to security breaches and prepare for the SY0-501 exam. Over the course of 5 days, students will learn the fundamental concepts of security, how to identify threats and vulnerabilities, develop disaster recovery plans, and more. Security+ can be used as a foundation course for more advanced security certifications and career goals. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class:
    • Those looking to take the SY0-501 exam
    • Those who wants to start or further a career in security

CompTIA Network+ Certification

Taking this course helps students prepare for the N10-006 exam and certification. Students learn about the basic network theory concepts, major network communications methods, troubleshooting network issues, and more. CompTIA A+ is a suggested prerequisite for Network+. This class will take students 5 days to complete, with a better understanding of Network+ and enough practice to help with the certification exam. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class:
    • Entry-level computer support professionals with basic knowledge on hardware, software, and operating systems
    • Those preparing for the CompTIA Network+ Exam N100-006
    • Those who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of networking concepts
    • Tier 1 & 2 Support Personnel seeking IAT-1 certification to fulfill DoD 8570.1 Directive

ITIL Foundation 2011 Edition

This 3 day course helps gives students a better understanding of service management. This class is a beginning course of best practices set up by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to help those entering the IT service management industry. Students will learn basic concepts of ITIL, the different services in the IT Service Lifestyle, how to refine service management skills, and more. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class:
    • IT professionals who work in IT service and support delivery
    • Service Desk and Help Desk managers and staff
    • Those wanting to get further knowledge of the de facto standard for describing IT service and support
    • Those who wish to add ITIL best practices to their service management skills

Supporting and Troubleshooting Windows 10 [10982]

Windows 10 training covers many areas, but one of the most popular courses is the Support and Troubleshooting class. The 5 day course covers all the skills students will need to understand Windows 10 features in order to help when issues occur, especially for those in an Enterprise Desktop Support Technician (EDST) role. The key responsibilities would be resolving technical issues in the installation, migration, and activation of Windows 10, as well as helping with device synchronization, remote network access, OS and data recovery, and more. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class:
    • Enterprise Desktop Support Technician; this role would help support Windows 10 on personal computers and devices in a medium to large enterprise

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Preparation Course

Students will learn to apply project management processes acknowledged by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Students will take the course over 5 days, where they will be taught extensively by real-world PMP certified practitioners. This course covers how to successfully plan and execute projects, analyze project risks, address project related procurement, and more. Also it includes 500 PMP sample questions to help students prep for the certification exam. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class:
    • Those who have on the job experience doing project management activities and running projects, regardless of job title
    • Those who want to become certified project managers, or build and reinforce a foundation in project management
    • Those wanting to take the PMP certification exam

Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 - v3.0 (ICND1)

One of many courses needed in order to complete the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification. Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices v3.0 is split into two classes, with the more advanced class following. Students will learn how to install, operate, configure, and verify a basic IPv4 and IPv6 network. This includes configuring a LAN switch, configuring an IP router, connecting to a WAN, and more. The class runs for 5 days. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class:
    • Those looking to further or start the path to gaining their CCNA certification

Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell v5.0 [10961]

Windows PowerShell is an advanced tasking tool, with one specific use being aiding in completing necessary, but repetitive tasks. PowerShell uses a language to help write and execute scripts, remotely manage single or multiple Windows-based servers, automate day to day management and administration tasks, and more. The 5 day course is intended for students who want to automate administrative tasks from the command line. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class:
    • IT professionals that have experience in Windows Server and Window Client administration
    • Those experienced in administering and supporting Application servers and services, like Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, etc.
    • Those who want to use PowerShell to automate administrative tasks using any Microsoft or independent software vendor (ISV) product

Querying Microsoft SQL Server [20461]

This course is designed for customers who are interested in learning SQL Server 2012 or 2014. Over the 5 day period, it covers the new features in SQL Server 2014, but also the important capabilities across the SQL Server data platform. It is a foundation course for the SQL Server-related disciplines, namely Database administration, Database Development, and Business Intelligence. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class:
    • Database Administrators, Database Developers, and Business Intelligence Professionals
    • Those looking to take the SQL certification exam; i.e. report writers, business analysts, client application developers, etc.

CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A+ is a 5 day long course that starts students on their journey into IT. This course builds on the existing user-level knowledge and experience with computer software and hardware, and teaches current fundamental skills and concepts that will be used in prospective jobs. Students will acquire essential skills needed to install, configure, optimize, troubleshoot, repair, upgrade, and perform maintenance on PCs, digital devices, and operating systems. It also gets students prepared for the CompTIA A+ certification exams. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take It:
    • Individuals new to IT and wanting to have better basic computer skills.
    • Those looking to obtain an entry-level IT position.
    • Those looking to prepare for the CompTIA A+ 220-901 Certification Exam and the CompTIA 220-902 Certification Exam.

Administering System Center Configuration Manager and Intune [20696]

In this 5 day course, students will learn day to day management task including how to manage software, client health, hardware and software inventory, applications, and integration with Intune. Students will get hands-on practice configuring and managing clients and devices by using Microsoft System Center v1511 Configuration Manager, Microsoft Intune, and their associated site systems. This is in conjunction with Microsoft Official Course 20695C. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class:
    • Experience IT professionals, specifically Enterprise Desktop Administrators (EDAs)
    • Those using, or intending to use, the latest release of Configuration Manager and Intune to manage and deploy PCs, devices, and applications.
    • Those looking to prepare for Exam 70-696: Managing Enterprise Devices and Apps

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Top 10 Application Courses

Microsoft Excel Courses

As one of the biggest office applications, Excel is the standard spreadsheet software for most businesses. We offer a number of courses for the most recent versions of Excel: 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. Each version is broken up into 3 classes, Parts 1 through 3, to accommodate those with very beginner needs to the more advanced over a 1 day course. Students can also take classes specifically dealing with Pivot Tables, Power Pivot, and Data Analysis. Multiple Excel courses were within the top 20 application courses. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class:
    • Those who wish to gain foundational or advanced understanding of Microsoft Excel

SQL Querying

SQL Querying offers two courses specifically for teaching students about querying and getting the most out of SQL. The introductory course, SQL Querying Fundamentals, aims to help students compose SQL queries and feel more confident retrieving information in a database. The advanced course, SQL Querying Advanced, Both courses take 1 day to complete. Students will learn how to connect to the SQL Server database and execute queries there, organize data obtained from a query, retrieve data from tables, and more. Learn more about SQL Querying Fundamentals here and SQL Querying Advanced here.

  • Who Should Take this Class:
    • Those who want to use SQL to query databases
    • Those with basic computer skills, familiar with concepts related to database structure and terminology

Project 2016 – Part 1

This course is designed to get students familiar with basic features and functions of Microsoft Project Professional 2016. Project is a management software that can help project leaders assign tasks, track progress, manage budgets, analyze workloads, and more. Versions 2010 and 2013 are also available. During the 1 day of class, students will learn how to identify project management concepts, navigate the Project 2016 environment, create and define new project plans, manage resources, and more. This class is the introductory level of three courses, with the intermediate and advanced following. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class:
    • Those with an understanding of project management concepts
    • Those responsible for creating and maintaining project plans

Microsoft Access Courses

Students will learn how to use Access to manage data, including how to create a new database, construct tables, design forms and reports, and more. This is a 2 day course for those with a foundational understanding of Microsoft Access. Versions 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 are available. Classes are split into two levels, an introductory course and an advanced course, with the exception of 2010; a third course is offered for Access 2010, focusing on Programming with VBA. This class is the introductory level of the available three courses, with the advanced class following. Multiple Access courses were within the top 20 application courses. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class
    • Those who wish to establish a foundational understanding of Access

Microsoft PowerPoint Courses

PowerPoint is the leading presentation software, utilized by just about every industry. This 1 day course was designed for students looking to create and develop engaging multimedia presentations. These classes include 2 levels, an introductory and advanced course.  Versions 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016 are available. All of these courses are delivered by one of our Microsoft Certified Trainers. Multiple PowerPoint courses were within the top 20 application courses. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class
    • Those wishing to gain a foundational understanding of PowerPoint

Project Management Fundamentals

Project management requires effective planning to a best practices plan in every step of the process. This 1 day course will help students understand and apply the generally recognized practices to successfully manage projects. Students will also identify successful project management practices and their related processes. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class:
    • Those considering a career path in project management and desiring a complete overview of accepted practices
    • Those whose primary job is not project management, but who manage projects on an informal basis

Microsoft Word Courses

Word is one of the most utilized Office tools available. We offer many 1 day courses for versions 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. Each version is split into three classes: an introductory, intermediate, and advanced level. Students will learn document creation, formatting text and paragraphs, the latest features of Word, and more. Multiple Word courses were within the top 20 application courses.Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class:
    • Those who want to learn basic Word skills, such as creating editing, and formatting documents, editing and saving, and more

Outlook 2016 – Part 1

Outlook is a great email and scheduling tool, with 2010, 2013, and 2016 versions available. Throughout the 1 day course, students will learn how to send, receive, and manage email messages, manage contact information, schedule appointments and meetings, and more. Those with Skype for Business will also learn how Outlook has capabilities to immediately schedule and start meetings in Skype from Outlook. This class will also help teach organizing mail, adding attachments, responding to meeting invitations. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class:
    • Those who have a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows and need to know how to use Outlook as an email client

Adobe InDesign

InDesign is a professional page layout software that lets students design, draft, and publish a broad range of documents. InDesign is especially helpful for those working in print and online platforms. Over the 2 days of the course, students will learn how to design and enhance documents, work with page elements, manage styles and objects, work with XML, and more. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Class:
    • Those who want to use the basic tools and features of InDesign for creating professional page layouts and designs

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a vital tool to many graphic designers, with it often being a prerequisite to learning the more advanced applications in Creative Cloud (CC) and Creative Suite 6 (CS6). New Horizons offers 4 courses for Photoshop: two for CC and two for CS6. The classes are split into an introductory and advanced course. Students will learn how to understand and work with Layers, enhance images with paint and filters, work with vector paths, and more. Each course is covered in 2 days. Learn more here.

  • Who Should Take this Course:
    • Those who are professional or amateur photographers who want to use the robust features of Photoshop
    • Those interested in working toward the Visual Communications with Adobe Photoshop certification

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