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Leadership & Development Instructor Spotlight: Robert Stillman

Posted: Oct 27, 2017

Leadership & Development Instructor Spotlight: Robert Stillman

Having started his career over 20 years ago, Robert Stillman is developing into one of the most trusted sources for adult training, specializing in Professional Development, Customer Service, Sales, and Emotional Intelligence. He now takes on the role as the lead instructor of New Horizons Center for Leadership and Development, an updated curriculum that teaches the benefits of Communication, Interpersonal, Leadership, and Management Skills.

About Robert Stillman

Robert Stillman is an application and business skills trainer with over 20 years of experience in the Sales and Marketing, Project Management, and IT Management fields. He transitioned to training and adult education in 2011, with an emphasis in Professional Development and Leadership skills.

Robert Stillman teaches Leadership and Development

Over the course of his career, Robert has serviced such notable clients as Microsoft, Google, Best Buy, Solar City, Pepsi Cola General Bottlers, United Airlines, Cook Composites, Marketstar and the Department of Homeland Security.

Previous jobs helped him gain experience in acquiring new contacts and nurturing relationships with people. It was this experience that led him to study the elements of building good rapport and trust over the phone, and ultimately into his coaching and mentoring in the field of effective communication.

Robert is also our lead instructor for the Center for Leadership & Development, which includes 26 class titles that cover a wide variety of business skill courses. He works very hard to create the best teaching examples for his students. He accredits his knowledge on leadership skills to a lifelong curiosity about what leads humans through difficult transitions in their business and personal lives.

“Robert has presented to our managers on a variety of key leadership and management topics which include: Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Performance Review & Goal Setting, as well as several other professional development areas. Robert brings with him a deep knowledge of the insurance industry from having been a former 'producer' in the business which we have not found in several other vendors. Robert also commands the room when speaking with very senior leaders and can quickly adapt his style and presence to match those around him. Because of his strong classroom presence, we have decided to continue our training engagements with New Horizons through year end. We look forward to a continued partnership with New Horizons into 2018." – Glenda Lee, Crystal & Company in New York City.

Robert's Training Philosophy

Robert Stillman, Instructor for Leadership & Development“There are three words I would use to sum up my teaching style. Relate-ability, humility and credibilityAnd you need a balance between the three. Tipping the scales more in one direction over another doesn’t work in your favor; it can alienate you from your audience at the least of offenses, and discredit you at the extreme end of the scale.

I take a lot of inspiration in my teaching style from how teachers like Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins work their craft. I watch and learn how they interact with their audiences and attempt to honor their methods. They don’t hide behind a podium, nor do they hide behind their personalities or a mask. They want to be able to connect and engage with their audience and so do I.

I also believe that it’s incumbent on any instructor to come across as both humble and credible. I have watched other facilitators break this rule and lose an audience when they were in fact trying to impress and build credibility with their audience."

Professional development has changed, and in order for better leaders to be created, leadership training must get incorporated into our careers. Robert is an expert in the training for leadership and can provide great lessons for his students. Any of our available 26 classes can be a great benefit to your business, only further helped by Robert's teaching.

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