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How to Use the Starbucks Add-In for Outlook

Posted: Jun 30, 2017

How to Use the Starbucks Add-In for Outlook

Outlook is the Microsoft powerhouse when it comes to email. Used mainly by businesses and heavily focused in practicality, Outlook works hard to create ease of use. It can also organize your calendar and integrate with Skype for Business to let you immediately schedule calls. Like many other great products of Microsoft, the new Office 365 version of Outlook has plenty of add-in features to make your business schedule more enjoyable. One of these latest features: schedule meetings at Starbucks, all from within Outlook.

The new Starbucks Outlook add-in works very simply and is very effective. It works easily to allow you to make appointments at the nearest Starbucks, connects to the mobile app to let drinks be pre-ordered and paid for, and lets you send eGifts, such as gift cards, to contacts. Here’s how it works:

  1. Get the Add-In

In the upper menu on the inbox page, choose Store on the far right. This will open the Microsoft store and then search for the Starbucks Outlook add-in.

Starbucks Outlook Add In

Once finished loading, close and re-open Outlook. The Starbucks Reply with eGift icon should be on the far right.Starbucks Outlook Add In

When a new appointment window is opened, the Meet at Starbucks icon is also in the top, far right. Starbucks Outlook Add In

  1. Scheduling a Meeting at Starbucks

Choose Calendar > New Appointment

Starbucks Outlook Add In

Choose Meet at StarbucksStarbucks Outlook Add In

Enter in the address where the meeting will take place, or search by city or zip code to find a Starbucks near you. Choose the location best for you. Starbucks Outlook Add In

Choose Invite Attendees > add contacts that you will be meeting.

 Starbucks Outlook Add In

Schedule a time and then click Send.

  1. Send an eGift

The Starbucks Outlook add-in allows users to send eGifts to contacts as a thank you, congratulations or just because. Here’s how:

Choose Reply with eGift from the inbox page Starbucks Outlook Add In

 Or choose New Email > Send an eGift Starbucks Outlook Add In

Select which eGift card to send or click More to see different card options for each category. Categories are Thanks, Workplace, Encouragement and many more. Starbucks Outlook Add In

Enter your Starbucks account information to load money onto the card. Starbucks Outlook Add In

Once finished, select the recipient and click Send.

Note: To send eGifts, you must have a Starbucks account. You can make one at

Congratulations. You now have the option to book meetings and send gifts through Starbucks for Outlook. Enjoy a relaxed meeting at your favorite coffee shop!

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