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How to Set Up a Skype Meeting in Outlook Using the Scheduling Assistant

How to Set Up a Skype Meeting in Outlook Using the Scheduling Assistant

How many times have you gotten a Skype meeting request in Outlook from a coworker for a time that was already booked on your calendar? I bet more than once. Or – how about those group emails that go back-and-forth asking what times everyone is available for a Skype call? Those are especially fun, right? 

There’s a simple solution to send a request through Outlook for a Skype meeting during a time that works for all attendees: Utilize the wonderful tool known as the Scheduling Assistant.

Follow the easy steps below to learn how to set up a Skype meeting in Outlook utilizing the Scheduling Assistant feature:

[IMPORTANT NOTE: For this technique to work as intended, all attendees’ calendars in Outlook must be up-to-date with all activity. For example, if you are out on PTO one day, or on a sales call another, if these events aren't marked in your Outlook calendar, those times will be considered free and available, which could cause conflict.]

  1. First, in Outlook, click the calendar icon in the bottom left corner of the left navigation.
    Calendar Icon in Outlook
  2. Next, in the top ribbon, click on the New Items drop-down and choose Skype Meeting.
    Start New Skype Meeting
  3. Once this window appears, type in the employee name(s) of those you’d like to be sent a meeting request. Also, be sure to include a subject.
    Invite Window in Outlook
  4. Next, as a starting point, choose the one date and time that you prefer most, and select them in the Start/End times. (In the example above, we chose a half-hour meeting for Thursday, 8/23/2018 at 12:30PM). If you see “No conflicts” appear in Suggested times on the right - you're in luck and can skip to step 7!

  5. However, in most cases, your first choice for a Skype meeting time will not accommodate all attendees. Here's where you really want to utilize the Scheduling Assistant feature.

    To get here, simply click the Scheduling Assistant it in the top ribbon, and you will see a view like the below. This area is filled with all the information you need to schedule a Skype meeting for a date and time that accommodates all attendees.  Any cells in white indicate free times, while colored cells indicate busy time slots. 
    Scheduling Assistant Feature in Outlook
  6. Paying attention now to the right side of your screen (see below), still clicked within the Schedule Assistant window, you will also notice some super helpful information, our favorite being the Suggested times.

    [Note: If you are unable to find a time that works on your first choice for day, you can scroll through other days of the week utilizing the calendar that appears above Suggested times. Simply click on any day to view availability.]
    Suggested Times in Scheduling Assistant
  7. Once you find a time and date without any conflicts, simply click and highlight that time slot, and then click send in the original meeting invite. That's all there is to it.
    Send the Skype Meeting Invite

Easy, right? Now you can stop asking when your coworkers are free for a Skype meeting, and instead, let Outlook do that bothersome work for you! We hope this saves you all some time and frustration! If you have any questions or thoughts, leave us a comment below. We'd love to hear from you.

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