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Our Employees of the Year for 2018

Posted: Feb 28, 2019


Our Employees of the Year for 2018

2018 has passed and that has given us a chance to reflect and celebrate the outstanding performers in our organization. We value all of our team members greatly, but these are the select few that went above and beyond to be recognized as our Employees of the Year for 2018.

Account Manager of the Year: Ben Wendt

Ben will be celebrating his 20th anniversary with New Horizons this year. He continues to be one of the most dynamic and innovative Account Managers in the company. He has an innate ability to develop long-lasting relationships with his clients, and goes above and beyond to make sure they are getting the right solution to meet their needs

Account Executive of the Year: Eric Rower

Eric joined New Horizons in May of 2018 and quickly became our top Account Executive for 2018. Along with some of his peers, Eric was quickly promoted to a Senior Account Executive. Eric’s success is attributed to his passion for selling, setting goals, preparation, and ensuring the satisfaction of his customers.

Career Consultant of the Year: Lynne Noseworthy

Lynne is entering her 26th year with New Horizons and was the first employee of the Nashua franchise. She continues to be a consistent contributor at New Horizons by caring for her students and motivating them to start or improve their IT careers.

Application Instructor of the Year: Sherry Hovencamp

When students take Sherry’s classes they ask if she is teaching their next class, or if she will be coming back and want to learn whatever she is teaching. Sherry makes sure her students have the best possible learning experience, every time. She is positive and energetic and is anxious to learn skills that can be brought into the classroom.

Technical Instructor of the Year: Mike Peasley

Mike continues to be one of our highest rated Technical Instructors. He spent time in 2018 developing custom content for many different clients as well as serving as our main point of contact for anything Project Management related. Mike also managed several Black Belt projects – all while keeping a full teaching schedule! Mike always comes through for his team and for his students.

Administrator of the Year: Sheila Caceres

Sheila continues to be an essential part of the New Horizons team. Her outstanding contributions are continuously reflected in the outcome of her work. Sheila works with multiple teams at New Horizons and they all consider her indispensable. Sheila meets and exceeds expectations in each of her roles and interactions. She is a great example of adaptability, dependability, and being a true Rockstar.

Manager of the Year: Alissa Jelley

As the Director of Operations, Alissa and her team work tirelessly to ensure that we can deliver successful classes on a daily basis. Her knowledge of the products and 15 years of New Horizons experience make her one of the “go to” people in the company with questions concerning classes or the products that we offer. Alissa also works with other partner locations to build out the largest Guaranteed to Run schedule in the industry.

Service Legend of the Year: Eric Oldendorf

As the Regional IT Manager, Eric help support both employees and our customers. Eric quietly works behind the scenes ensuring that everything is running as smoothly possible given the diverse number of classes we offer on any given day. Eric is also responsible for classroom setup and working with customer IT Departments to ensure private classes run as planned. He handles it all and is always extremely helpful.

Congratulations to our Employees of the Year for 2018! We’re proud to have you on our team and we look forward to more great accomplishments this year.

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