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Digital Transformation: New Skills Needed in All IT Professions

Posted: Feb 16, 2018

Digital Transformation: New Skills Needed in All IT Professions

Guest Author: Eric Bloom, Manager Mechanics

When I describe Digital Transformation (DX) to people, I like to explain it as an enhanced version of Business Process Reengineering (BPR). BPR is the examination and redesign of existing business processes and workflows. Digital Transformation (DX) is the use of digital technologies to enhance processes, create products, reuse data, and perform other activities with many goals, including:

  • Improving Efficiency
  • Enhancing Customer Value
  • Reducing Risk
  • Creating New Markets
  • Disrupting Existing Market
  • Enhancing Competitiveness
  • Uncovering New Monetization Opportunities

DX not only expands company business models, it also requires the enhancement of skills within the IT professionals implementing it. For example, the traditional role of a Business Analysts is to meet with their business partners to collect and document system requirements. In a DX world, the Business Analysts’ role is expanded to help define what the business requirements should be. This requires an understanding of the company’s vision, technical trends and the external competitive landscape. It also requires a working knowledge of strategic thinking and planning.

This need for enhanced skills is true for virtually all IT professions involved in DX related activities, including IT Managers, DBAs, Project Managers, Scrum Masters and more.

The video below is a recording of a webinar I recently presented, which expands even more on this important topic. Hope you enjoy!


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About the Presenter
Eric P. Bloom is the President of Manager Mechanics ( and the Executive Director of The IT Management & Leadership Institute (, a #1 Amazon bestselling author and keynote speaker.

Eric also keeps a pulse on the IT industry, especially current and evolving IT megatrends such as cloud computing and virtualization, and provides insights on how these will affect IT management and individual careers.

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