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7 Must Have Apps for Business

Posted: Mar 15, 2017

7 Must Have Apps for Businesses

Everyone has their favorite app; a go-to that they use constantly and keeps you in check. Applications were created to help us solve problems. Whether for work or play, their easy access and usability makes our lives and jobs easier. With more people working remotely, making sure your employees have the right tools to complete their job is a key necessity. There are many apps that exist specifically for businesses, but these stand out above the rest.

Here are 7 must have apps for your business:

Microsoft Office Applications

Technically this is more than one app. However, there’s no denying that all of these apps are helpful for businesses. Whether you choose to download all or just a few of them, Microsoft Office has an app for just about every one of your business needs.  Part of this collection includes more popular and well know; products, like the mobile versions of Outlook, Excel, Word, etc. But Office includes some newer and more “made for mobile” apps, such as Delve, OneNote, and Lens. These are all innovative applications that have changed the way that business can be done.


Obvious but true. Communication has become more instantaneous than ever and LinkedIn has helped that in the business world. This platforms in particular makes a point of not being like traditional social media platforms. Very professional, yet reminiscent of Facebook in some aspects. Users have the ability to like and share post, but all connections are made in a networking sense. Another reason it is a must have is for job searches. More recently, recruiters have been using LinkedIn to find potential candidates and vice versa, with job seekers being able to connect. LinkedIn has revolutionized the way people network.


How difficult is it to try and get some work done only to realize that the particular file needed can’t be accessed by your home or mobile computer? Dropbox easily fixes that. This file storage app hangs onto all documents that you are working on and keeps them in one central location to help with organization and remote working. With the standard and business versions available, Dropbox can easily be accessed on any computer or mobile device.


Think electronic to-do list. Basecamp allows for organizing tasks by teams, projects, or however works for you. Customization is king. The most recent version, Basecamp 3, brings some updates that add to the straightforwardness of the app. The details definitely set this newer version apart from the previous ones. Appointments can be scheduled and tracked through the app, it also allows for tagging certain people to tasks. Users can ping members of their group to chat about projects and the overall message board, the campfire, is a group chat open to all invited members. A sort of inbox messaging lets you know when new activity has happened. The interactivity has upped the quality of Basecamp, but a major feature to businesses is the unlimited projects that are now available with the update.


The latest addition in mobile education from New Horizons, the NHGO NOW app lets users watch and learn from a list of thousands of eLearning courses. This app is free to download and use requires a subscription. However content proves to be worth the money. It’s great for refresher courses and keeping employee retention after the initial training has been accomplished. The libraries can be used for singular lessons or compiled together to create whole courses to further training on a subject. They can even be organized by admins to prioritize them for certain users. NHGO NOW also provides other materials like quizzes, note taking features and exercises for users to work on. Classes are taught by industry leading instructors and content is constantly being updated, making sure users are always up to date.

Google Drive & Docs

Again, more than one app but both are important and worth noting. Google has defined itself in many ways: first a search engine, then an email provider, then Chrome and now as various apps. The great thing about the Google apps is they are versatile, great for both business and pleasure. Two that really stand out here are Google Drive and Google Docs. Much like Dropbox, Google Drive is a cloud based storage center. The difference between the two is accessibility. If you have a Google account, you can access Drive. Along with that you can store any file up to 15 GB. Google Docs, while not similar, works in tandem with Drive. Docs is an at-the-ready word processing applications that allows changes to be made by multiple users at real time. Changes automatically save and all Docs get saved to the Drive, but can be exported as other files such as a Microsoft Word document. Their popularity, though, comes mainly from being a part of the Google Collective. Having all of the core Google applications at your fingertips makes it easiest to use.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business allows for constant connection. The chat feature is the most commonly used, but it also allows for calling and video messaging, making things like interviews and remote working easier to do. Other messaging systems are around for business use, but what Skype for Business apart is its integration to Outlook. Users can set up a meeting in Outlook and specify if it will be a Skype meeting or another method. Skype’s availability indicator shows when people are available, busy, in a meeting, or away. The setting will automatically change when you are on a call, letting others know when good times to contact you are. All these features are available in the mobile app as long as users have a phone that can support them.

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