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3 Concerns Regarding Digital Transformation

Posted: Jun 6, 2017

3 Concerns Regarding Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the use of technology to improve reach, performance and other areas of an enterprise. This can mean anything from moving to an electronic filing system to moving all data to the cloud. This switch to digital transformation can help advance businesses in analytics, mobility, social media, smart technology, and other areas. So why are so many companies fearful of making the switch?

Some decision makers are worried about the changes that their company will face and the subsequent challenges they could bring. By trying to avoid the issues that can be brought on by change, they miss out on the benefits they can also bring. Here are some questions that decision makers might have and why there is no need to fear at all. 

What about Revenue?

The bottom line is a big contributor of fear. Revenue impact, more specifically. A lot of researcher speculate that an improper digital transformation could affect revenue after 3 months. One group even estimates that 39% of decision makers believe a negative effect will happen within 3 months


Answer: Now these fears may be unfounded but there is small truth to them. While changes and downfalls may not be that drastic, it is true that there could be consequences if the digital transformation is not done properly. The important thing to remember is that it must be done properly and training should be given to help ensure everyone is on the same page. 

What if it Causes Problems within Our IT Department?

The IT department has sees a lot of ups and downs throughout it's lifetime. The fact is that many people don't think IT staff can help with business because they are so busy dealing with other issues that come up in the background. 

Answer: Going through a digital transformation can actually be more beneficial for your IT department than not doing so. Digital transformation would optimize the way companies to business and the accessibility IT would have to help with issues. It is all about integration into a smarter network, therefore creating an easier system for your IT team.

We’ve Always Done it This Way.

Let’s be brutally honest here. A major deterrent in businesses making major changes, such as digital transformation, is that fear of the unknown and the desire to leave things as they are. 

Answer: This is understandable; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. However, just because it isn’t broken now doesn’t mean it will stay that way. With digital transformation, it’s not a small fad that may or may not pass. The move to whole digital networks is global and catching speed. Businesses need to keep up or they will be left behind. 

Though many have fears regarding digital transformation, it is an exceedingly beneficial for businesses. Not just in major digital outfits of the company but in many day to day tasks as well.

These are just a few of the many benefits that digital transformation has to offer:

  • More Reach: Availability and reach are big components to get your business noticed by potential customers. The improvements in advertising through social media have built to more effective promotion of companies as well as more specific understanding of geographic locations and market segments for consumers.

  • Better Workflow: Digital transformation increases automation, usability, collaboration, real-time processes and more to create more productivity and efficiency. This amount of productivity is increased when combined with other software advancements, like cloud computing

  • Higher Profit: Again, the bottom line is key in the starting process of doing a digital transformation. With digital transformation, your business will be improved; better goals and practices lead to better work from employees, which then leads to more profit. 

Some Closing Thoughts

Changes in any environment can be concerning. When it comes to businesses, many people worry about losing out on time, money or productivity. The transition to digital transformation not only optimizes these aspects of a business but also help provide more efficiency and revenue. Those who worry about digital transformation need only to remember that proper transition and training can help any organization adapt to change.

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